As a writer, I am always thankful for the love and encouragement of my wife, Rhonda. Her support makes all my writing possible, even though at times, it has been difficult. We have worked to try and find a happy medium as I’ve purposed to do what the Lord has put in my heart to do and as she discovers her assignment for this season.

We’ve been striving to do much better in our prayer time before bed and our schedules get rather hectic from time to time but recently, I was moved to pray one night before bed. My job as a substitute teacher ended with the onset of the Coronavirus crisis, so I was home all day and soon reverted to my late night/early morning office hours as a creative. My bedtime was whatever time I gave up fighting off sleep and for so many nights, we hadn’t been praying at all before bed. This particular night, I asked her to pray (we alternate), and as she was praying, I heard the Lord tell me to write this book. When the Lord speaks to me, He speaks in ways that I understand clearly. I knew from where I would get my content, and I knew that there was a short time window (of time) with which I would have to complete the book.

Last December, this happened to me as well with the completion of “They Saw Him, First!” I heard the Lord and knew exactly what I would do. With this book, I want to speak to the times because, as a voice to the public, I need to share what I heard. I want to thank my wife Rhonda for her support and her continued prayers that lift me and help me achieve what the Lord would have me do in my lifetime. This is my charge to keep and I pray that with her by my side that I will successfully serve my generation by the will of God (Acts 13:36).


This Crisis Is Not Cause for Alarm, But It Is Time to Sound the Alarm Copyright © 2020 by Fred Willis. All Rights Reserved.

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