Book Title: This Crisis Is Not Cause for Alarm, But It Is Time to Sound the Alarm

Author: Fred Willis

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If you watch the news, you know the havoc the Coronavirus has wreaked upon the world. This global pandemic swept through nations and upended normalcy in a matter of days. Within weeks, entire cities and even countries were closed for business with no semblance of a return to normalcy anywhere soon. There is nothing quite like the fear of the unknown, and we have all felt it during this pandemic. Jobs have been lost, businesses closed indefinitely, and even our sports have gone away. Everything and everyone we hold dear have been affected in some way, and the helplessness we feel and have felt reminds me of the disciples on the sea of Galilee. They were afraid and were in a storm that put their lives in jeopardy. Jesus was physically with them, yet to them, He was of no help because He was asleep. He wasn’t only asleep; He was in the hinder part of the ship! We know the story, He rose and calmed the storm, then rebuked the disciples’ faithlessness. As we journey through the many phases of this pandemic, I believe there is a challenge for believers to rise and confront the storm. Yes, Jesus is with us, but there is a reason He rebuked the wind, waves, and the disciples. Will we live in fear and panic, or will we use the power given to us as believers to survive this storm and make it safely to “the other side”? What’s on the other side of this storm? Don’t feel bad if you don’t know; the disciples didn’t know, either. They didn’t know that Jesus would have an encounter with the demoniac and swiftly return to Galilee, where their journey originated. I believe that we have a unique opportunity to reach the world for Christ during this pandemic, as the storm calms, we must rise and spread the gospel, as Jesus commanded! I hope to inspire you as you read this book to embrace the unique opportunity we have as believers at this moment!


Fred Willis


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This Crisis Is Not Cause for Alarm, But It Is Time to Sound the Alarm
Fred Willis
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This Crisis Is Not Cause for Alarm (But It Is Time to Sound the Alarm) & Still Waters Devotional

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